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Why a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

1.  COST:  A pre-engineered metal building will cost only 60% of conventional steel or masonry construction.

2.  ENERGY SAVINGS:  Extremely efficient due to high R-values of the insulation used.  Typical roofs are R20 and          walls at R12.  With the use of metal insulated panels, roofs are at R40 and walls at R32.

3.  VERSATILITY:  Length, width, heights and roof slopes can be easily designed to any dimension for the        

     application.  Expandable walls can be included for future growth as well as the ability to attach another building to

     the main structure.

4.  LOW MAINTENACNE:  The steel structure and cladding is all factory pre-painted and extremely durable.

5.  WARRANTY:  Typical warranties on all materials is 25-years.  No worry about leaky roofs or walls.  All

     components are designed and certified to meet the applicable building codes.

6.  LARGE CLEAR SPANS:  Clear spans up to 250 feet in gable or single slope roofs. 

7.  QUICK CONSTRUCTION:  Our pre-engineered metal buildings are shipped to site ready for assembly.  Every

     component is provided and guaranteed to fit together.  No other items need to be fabricated or purchased.  Watch      our link on the home page showing a typical install.